2012 - New album PUNK ROCK RADIO is released to great enthusiasm by fans and media. VICE SQUAD are booked to play Vive Le Rock Festival, Punk & Disorderly Festival, Punk By The Sea Festival and Rebellion Festival. The band are scheduled to play USA and Europe with possible dates in Scandinavia and China. UK dates are ongoing which finds the band tirelessly spreading their Punk Rock Message to the growing army of Vice Squaddies.

2011 - VICE SQUAD play two very successful shows at the prestigious REBELLION FESTIVAL. Taking second headline on Friday's Acoustic stage the band donned spectacles and flat caps and tore through acoustic versions of new and classic tunes under the moniker THE DIRTY FOLKERS. 

Ending on the popular 'Last Rockers' and unlikely cover of Motorhead™ 'Ace Of Spades'. This Thrash, Rockabilly, Skiffle tinged acoustic set encouraged many people refer to Vice Squads tongue-in-cheek approach as the highlight of their weekend ! 

The following day VICE SQUAD packed the Olympia Stage and played a storming electric set to over 1500 people. A week later Beki and the band were 'special guests' at the Endorse It festival, where the band played alongside New Model Army. A show with legendary MISFITS USA is booked for November at Ratrock festival in Belgium. 

And, finally...after much hard work and inspiration Vice Squad finish the album PUNK ROCK RADIO which includes songs, 'Punk Is The Blues' 'Stuck In Reverse', title track 'Punk Rock Radio' and the hilarious 'Him Indoors' ( first showcased as The Dirty Folkers at Blackpool Rebellion). Many more UK club dates and the new release scheduled for October sees Beki and the boys achieve another relentless and encouraging year in Punk Rock. 

2010 - VICE SQUAD begin work on the follow up to 'London Underground' and gig continuously on the UK club circuit throughout the year, plus touring Italy and festival shows at Pod Parou in Czech Republic, The Endorse It Festival, The Willowman Festival, packed out shows at Rebellion and Durham Punk Festival plus the headline slot at the Viva La Pola Summer Revolution Rock Festival in Pula.  The follow up to ' London Underground ' is nearing completion and will be released in 2011.
2009 - In spite of the grinding disappointment of shelving 'Fairground', being permanently skint and trying to keep the band on the road Beki and Paul rally from the setbacks and write a brand new set of songs that later become 'LONDON UNDERGROUND'. The album sees a welcome return to UK Brit Punk style that was missing on previous albums of the 90's. This album is a fitting follow up to the much acclaimed 'Defiant', and boasts a brilliant sleeve drawn by US artist Landon Armstrong depicting London Punk night life and a fold out poster of fan photographs. Beki and Paul have started their own 'Last Rockers' label and 'London Underground' is it's first release. 'We thought that as we'd created this album at a time when most people would have quit and had scraped together the money to master it we may as well stick our necks out even further and release it ourselves. This way it's entirely DIY from start to finish, except for the amazing sleeve which was down to the talent and generosity of Landon and designer Barry Kade. This album was the easiest to write and record so far, the ideas were bursting out of us and as usual it was cathartic to get my feelings out in the lyrics. We were on such a creative roll that we wrote and recorded half of the next album. ' Vice Squad are about to embark on a tour of the West Coast and Texas and will be playing songs from 'London Underground' and 'Defiant' as well as the old favourites. On their return to the UK in July they will play Shepherds Bush Empire with US punk legends Bad Brains and UK punk festival 'Rebellion' in August. 2010 - VICE SQUAD playing many UK and Italian dates including successful, show at REBELLION BLACKPOOL where the band pack the Olympia stage venue. 2011 - New as yet untitled album is finished. The band are confirmed for Xmas Rebellion 2012.
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